How to adopt a new puppy

New cat puppy at home …

 Mazel Tov !!! You decided to adopt a puppy, so just before that it was just time to spend some time adjusting the puppy for home and family and planning for it.

 The family:

A little puppy brings a great deal of pleasure to a home with children, but it is important to remember, however, that children (even if they promise …) cannot be the absolute ones responsible for the care of the patient, so before deciding to add extra family, it is important to take into account that joy comes Responsibility too.

 Home life:

Adapting a puppy to the new house takes a few days. A warm and cozy living environment, a warm bottle wrapped in the towel in his bed, and even clock ticking (reminding him of his mother’s heartbeat) will shorten this period. Adult cats find it difficult to get used to a new environment (especially males) so it is advisable not to let them out of the house for a few weeks until they get used to their new home.

Puppies, just like babies? Tend to sleep a lot but fatigue and excessive apathy, especially in puppies who have not yet completed the vaccine protocol, here is a good reason to contact a veterinarian.

Buying a cat bed is a must. A cat bed will mark a place at home that is considered safe in the new house he arrived to. This is one of the most important things to buy for your new cat. You can buy a great cat bed here

It is advisable not to leave puppies alone in the yard. Also because of their difficulty in adapting to the weather (too hot in summer and too cold in winter) and when it comes to a breeding puppy also due to the fear of being stolen due to its attractive price.

Puppies tend to scratch objects at home, especially while growing nails and teeth, so we recommend buying different bite and nail toys to keep them busy and torment them more than your favorite table legs or slippers.

 * It is important to emphasize that cats have a tendency to play with different wires which may get stuck and get entangled in their digestive system so it is advisable not to allow them to play in such.


If you rae planning to keep this puppy at home than safety is not such a big issue. If not, than you must buy him a glowing collar that will help him get seen by drivers, especially in the night time. This is exteremely important as so many puppies are being overrun by by vehicales


The food is recommended to be served in a stainless steel bowl as the plastic tends to secrete various materials into water and food and the glass tends to break and pose a risk of injury.

The best food is good quality commercial food. This food is balanced in terms of the nutritional ingredients needed to live (as opposed to homey food).

The quality of cat foods is divided into three:

  1. Relatively low quality: Unfortunately, most of them are sold to many in the food chains. We do not recommend them mainly because of their nutritional composition, although their price is most attractive.
  2. Premium – Good quality foods, good and good nutritional composition and reasonable price.
  1. Super Premium – Foods whose nutritional composition is excellent, balanced and delicious (equally important …), but priced accordingly.

In any case, it is not recommended to give milk and its products as it can cause diarrhea.

The recommended amount is according to the type of food and record on the bag. This amount should be given once a day and the cat will divide the quantity into several meals a day (cats tend to “snack” rather than eat “full meals”).

What is not allowed – by no means give bones and this is because they can damage the digestive tract, cause software leakage into the abdominal cavity and infection as well as other bowel obstructions.

and most importantly ? Clean and fresh water is available 24 hours a day.

 Education needs:

Cat puppies learn very quickly that the place for doing home needs is the crate. When a puppy does not learn it – the crate should be placed away from his food and sleeping place and cleaned at least once a day.

There are some cats that will not do their utmost just because the box is “dirty”.

The crate should be upholstered in the sand (various types). We recommend crystallizing sand as it is also a scent treasure. Also having antimicrobial activity, also does not stick to the cat’s feet (the MCHA leaves traces at home and finally? Also relatively economical since after doing his needs, only the lump (urine / feces) should be cleaned out of the crate and not replace all its contents.


As a rule, it is recommended not to take the puppy before the age of three months (of course, if the puppy gets dirty do not leave dirty). Do cats have natural fatty skin and fur protection and when showering? This protection is washed away and the cat is exposed to various infections.

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