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Proper Ways To Restore Your Menstral Cycle

For ages the period also known as the menstrual cycle has been the pride of the feminine gender. Literature dating back to the 1500’s speaks of the period as a girl’s budding process. That blood spot on a girl’s garment would spark intense celebration as the women in the community welcomed the young girl into adulthood a process that will later be followed by motherhood. Periods can be quite excruciating and due to the hormonal changes that the female body experiences periods may be painful, nauseating, sickening and sometimes heavy bleeding can occur. In the same event a woman may fail to get her period a condition known as amenorrhea; there are many reasons why it may happen.

Some of these reasons are:

1. Natural causes which are entirely hormonal or genetic.

2. External forces for example rapid climate changes, moving from one climatic region to another.

3. Diet, certain foods are notorious for affecting the menstrual cycle negatively.

4. Menopause.

5. Certain medicines.

6. Some contraceptives for example the pill and intra uterine devices.

7. Pregnancy.

8. Some terminal diseases.

9. Stress

10. Weight problems

The few reasons mentioned above are some of the causes why a woman can miss her period; there may be more in the book or rather more reasons experienced on a more individual level. If you notice that you have missed your period for more than one month and you are quite certain that it is not any of the reasons named above then you need to seek medical attention to determine the root cause. Once you have determined the cause you stand a better chance at correcting the problem with proper remedies.

How to make your period come naturally

Natural remedies of curing amenorrhea have been used for centuries, traditional herbs and portions have been enlisted but whether or not they are fruitful remain a theory. On the other hand addressing nutritional deficiencies has been proven to be the most natural way a woman can use to win her regular period back. Ensure that in your meals you incorporate portions of food rich in:Vitamin c which improves the hormone levels. B complex Vitamins for proper hormonal balance. Essential fatty acids like omega 3 which are important for proper hormone production. cholesterol, also important for hormone production Fiber for the removal of excess hormones Zinc a mineral needed to keep the hormone levels under control.

Other ways to induce your periodBirth control pills: these pills contain manmade hormones that help in regulating natural hormones, estrogen and progesterone. The pills will also make your period lighter and lessen some menstrual complications such as period cramps. Herbs: Whereas parsley and ginger are some of the herbs known to induce a cycle traditional herbs and portions still remain debatable. Parsley and ginger are emmenagogues that naturally force the uterus to contract and force a period. Regular exercises and weight loss: physical exercises in particular abdominal exercises are period inducers furthermore weight loss helps a person shed any excess fats that which were primarily responsible for high levels of estrogen which hinders ovulation.

Missing your period can be stressful but you need not panic too much. Trying any of these remedies may give you a quick break through in restoring your period to regularity. In the event that the remedies fail to work then you might be dealing with a much bigger problem and it would be wise if you booked an appointment with your gaenacologist.