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Does Alexandria’s Genesis really exist?

The truth about the existence of Alexandria’s genesis is quite debatable. There have been numerous claims of this condition being just a myth. So what is Alexandria’s genesis and does it really exist? Well, Alexandria’s genesis also referred to as violet eyes is termed as a hereditary mutation. The condition basically causes one’s eye to change from the usual gray or blue to purple color on the pupil. The condition takes effect normally within the first six months after birth. That is not all, people with this condition are said to have no anal hair, facial, pubic or even body. There are claims also that women with such condition are very fertile but do not have periods like other normal women. The skin of a person suffering from Alexandria’s genesis is considered relatively light and resists burn. What is more amazing with this mutation is the claims that such people produce little or no waste at all. Reason being that their body waste is quickly burnt by their effective and efficient metabolism system. Thus the claims that persons suffering from this condition do not have issues with being overweight.

The origin of this condition is said to have come from early Egypt. On the other hand, other people claim that Alexandria’s genesis was just shaped in this century by a writer just to defend her believe in the existence of people with purple eyes. What she did not have in mind is the fact that, her notion could actually be taken for real by people.

The other argument that questions the existence of Alexandria’s genesis is the fact that there is no way a single transformation of the eye can cause such significant changes to the whole body. If by any chance that happened, and then also there is no way it would be in such a great and positive way like it is claimed about the Alexandria’s genesis condition.

This condition is claimed to be hereditary which means by this century it should be really strong. From one generation to another since the ancient Egypt, the whole Egypt by now should be full of people bearing condition. Unfortunately that is not the case.

Another strong indicator that the condition is not for real is the fact that they claim the women with this condition are very fertile but have no periods. Technically that is not possible from a biological point of view. And if at all this was possible, then a significant change in gene modification would have had to take place which a simple mutation like this wouldn’t be able to create.

In conclusion, there is basically not enough evidence even scientifically for the existence of Alexandria’s genesis. Even with the possibility that there are gene variations that can bring about the purple eye. Scientifically, this Alexandria’s genesis myth is not at all possible just from a single mutation. On the contrary, it will require the effort of various unrelated genetic factor to bring about this kind of change. In a nut shell, Alexandria’s genesis is not real but rather a figment of people’s imagination.