Proper Ways To Restore Your Menstral Cycle

For ages the period also known as the menstrual cycle has been the pride of the feminine gender. Literature dating back to the 1500’s speaks of the period as a girl’s budding process. That blood spot on a girl’s garment would spark intense celebration as the women in the community welcomed the young girl into adulthood a process that will later be followed by motherhood. Periods can be quite excruciating and due to the hormonal changes that the female body experiences periods may be painful, nauseating, sickening and sometimes heavy bleeding can occur. In the same event a woman may fail to get her period a condition known as amenorrhea; there are many reasons why it may happen.

Some of these reasons are:

1. Natural causes which are entirely hormonal or genetic.

2. External forces for example rapid climate changes, moving from one climatic region to another.

3. Diet, certain foods are notorious for affecting the menstrual cycle negatively.

4. Menopause.

5. Certain medicines.

6. Some contraceptives for example the pill and intra uterine devices.

7. Pregnancy.

8. Some terminal diseases.

9. Stress

10. Weight problems

The few reasons mentioned above are some of the causes why a woman can miss her period; there may be more in the book or rather more reasons experienced on a more individual level. If you notice that you have missed your period for more than one month and you are quite certain that it is not any of the reasons named above then you need to seek medical attention to determine the root cause. Once you have determined the cause you stand a better chance at correcting the problem with proper remedies.

How to make your period come naturally

Natural remedies of curing amenorrhea have been used for centuries, traditional herbs and portions have been enlisted but whether or not they are fruitful remain a theory. On the other hand addressing nutritional deficiencies has been proven to be the most natural way a woman can use to win her regular period back. Ensure that in your meals you incorporate portions of food rich in:Vitamin c which improves the hormone levels. B complex Vitamins for proper hormonal balance. Essential fatty acids like omega 3 which are important for proper hormone production. cholesterol, also important for hormone production Fiber for the removal of excess hormones Zinc a mineral needed to keep the hormone levels under control.

Other ways to induce your periodBirth control pills: these pills contain manmade hormones that help in regulating natural hormones, estrogen and progesterone. The pills will also make your period lighter and lessen some menstrual complications such as period cramps. Herbs: Whereas parsley and ginger are some of the herbs known to induce a cycle traditional herbs and portions still remain debatable. Parsley and ginger are emmenagogues that naturally force the uterus to contract and force a period. Regular exercises and weight loss: physical exercises in particular abdominal exercises are period inducers furthermore weight loss helps a person shed any excess fats that which were primarily responsible for high levels of estrogen which hinders ovulation.

Missing your period can be stressful but you need not panic too much. Trying any of these remedies may give you a quick break through in restoring your period to regularity. In the event that the remedies fail to work then you might be dealing with a much bigger problem and it would be wise if you booked an appointment with your gaenacologist.

Friday Tired

It’s Friday evening, there’s a delicious cool in the air, and at 8.30, we’re all, yes, in bed, in various stages of

a) reading books–Samira turning the pages in Daniel Pinkwater’s The Artsy Smartsy Club;

b) peacefully rejuvenating (at 6.30, the baby gave in after a relatively napless day and after a few whimpers closed her eyes);

c) taking a rest, fully clothed, managing to get out the phrase, “Wake me so we can watch a video…” before drifting into sleep (that’d be my husband; he’ll wake up in a few hours); and

d) me, typing away, at this entry, yes, and typing up some notes for a new book. Next up as I type: the week’s to-do list, crafted with best intentions last Sunday evening, though we’d all agree that being just one week behind on email and to-do’s is actually pretty good. And after that, I’ll be entering changes to last Sunday’s finding-organization-in-life innovation: the grocery list. Basic, yes, but I’ve rarely used one. After a rejuvenating walk in the woods with my friend Mary, she left me with yet another of her working-mom household tips: keep an actual shopping list. The tip was two-part: list in hand, use online grocery delivery, in our case, Genuardi’, which for a mere $9.95 will show up at your home, truck your groceries up seven steps, long haul it from the front door all the way down the hall to your kitchen table, smile, apologize for unintentionally waking the baby by ringing the door bell, make small talk, and refuse all attempts to tip. There’s a learning curve, definitely, and I still needed to step in to the local coop for fruits and vegetables, but I do say, Internet food delivery is once again saving my life. As a British friend once wryly replied when I congratulated him on a spinach lasagna he prepared and served us for dinner at his home in Brighton, “Good cooking is all about shopping.” And for shopping, apparently, I’m learning at age 42, a list can be indispensable.

It’s as cozy as pie. We used to wonder about this early-to-bed on Friday habit. Until two weeks ago. I had picked Samira up at school. The day was warm, and I got to talking with one of the dads at the playground. He was there with his two daughters. I looked at Samira, who was at that moment on the rainbow climber with her friend Jackie, not climbing, not hanging by one knee. No, the two friends were lounging on the top, with body languages that spoke of nothing but languid exhaustion.

Friday tired, I explained to the new dad, who, it turned out, had quit a corporate job to become a writer. My daughter’s Friday tired, the sort of tired you get just because it’s week’s end and you can finally let yourself feel it. He liked the phrase, as did I.

Now when we all crash before 9 pm, when eyelids slip despite our best intentions to watch DVD’s or be cultural, read a book or even settle in to a nice marital conversation, I understand it. We’re not losers. We’re not nerdy (well, perhaps a tad). We’re just Friday tired, and taking good care of ourselves.

Everyday Life

I wrote in my book The Truth Behind the Mommy Wars that one amazing piece of the parenting experience for me was that wrapped up in the most mundane acts–teaching kids manners at the playground, keeping one’s temper cool, engaging other parents–were the largest philosophical issues we ever face. Ethics of relation, of psychology, of language, it’s all there in the tedium of everyday life with children, and part of what so fascinated me about being a parent.

I find that the current political discourse on mothers and parenting (as in the entry just below this one) deadens the ease of feeling at one with parenting. It’s an alternate universe of scathe and snark. It’s quite toxic.

Which is why sometimes I must tread back to the nursery where the baby laughs while her older sister tickles her tummy, where they both giggle till the elder leaves the room and I’m left with a nursing baby and a few quiet moments to sink into the pages in <i>A Secret Garden</i> where Mary is befriended by the red-breasted robin and savor the beauty of the words. Our shared political life would sure be different if for a second, joy and desire and love could enter into the conversation.

I’m reminded of that again. Most of my days take on a very predictable rhythm for me. Morning rush, schoolbus, morning walk. Three days a week, babysitter arrives and I work. Lunch. Baby time. Baby nap. School pick-up. Play with two children. Forage dinner. Greet husband returning from work. We put children to bed, wash them first. Climb the stairs to my office and do some work.

Today Samira was off from school, and it was rainy out, so apart from a single errand to the hardware store, we stayed home. I felt once again the pull of loving to be with my kids, and being quite exhausted by day’s end, exhausted even by two children who were very well behaved. My hat’s off to any parent anywhere home with their children fulltime, because it is not easy. Still, that sense of filling time, passing time, and the rich texture of just being together–even when at times I’d rather be working, and still, we are together–so compels me. Life felt different today, and even with all those hours we didn’t get to all the projects. We didn’t get to figure out the third page of the origami book. We didn’t get to the faux stained glass project received as a birthday present. And at 5 pm, I still hadn’t had my morning tea. 5.05: I sent my chatterbox eight-year-old into another room. I poured my tea and sat at the kitchen table and fed the baby. I needed, as they say, a moment of silence. Perhaps a whole silent meeting.

It’s so important that mothers and all women are telling each other about the intimacies and ordinariness of our lives. Our language is still unhearable by the mainstream media, which has its own ax to grind about our lives. Still, we must be brave and trade stories and insights, in these new ways, with our new media, believing in ourselves and our values and our journeys.

Does Alexandria’s Genesis really exist?

The truth about the existence of Alexandria’s genesis is quite debatable. There have been numerous claims of this condition being just a myth. So what is Alexandria’s genesis and does it really exist? Well, Alexandria’s genesis also referred to as violet eyes is termed as a hereditary mutation. The condition basically causes one’s eye to change from the usual gray or blue to purple color on the pupil. The condition takes effect normally within the first six months after birth. That is not all, people with this condition are said to have no anal hair, facial, pubic or even body. There are claims also that women with such condition are very fertile but do not have periods like other normal women. The skin of a person suffering from Alexandria’s genesis is considered relatively light and resists burn. What is more amazing with this mutation is the claims that such people produce little or no waste at all. Reason being that their body waste is quickly burnt by their effective and efficient metabolism system. Thus the claims that persons suffering from this condition do not have issues with being overweight.

The origin of this condition is said to have come from early Egypt. On the other hand, other people claim that Alexandria’s genesis was just shaped in this century by a writer just to defend her believe in the existence of people with purple eyes. What she did not have in mind is the fact that, her notion could actually be taken for real by people.

The other argument that questions the existence of Alexandria’s genesis is the fact that there is no way a single transformation of the eye can cause such significant changes to the whole body. If by any chance that happened, and then also there is no way it would be in such a great and positive way like it is claimed about the Alexandria’s genesis condition.

This condition is claimed to be hereditary which means by this century it should be really strong. From one generation to another since the ancient Egypt, the whole Egypt by now should be full of people bearing condition. Unfortunately that is not the case.

Another strong indicator that the condition is not for real is the fact that they claim the women with this condition are very fertile but have no periods. Technically that is not possible from a biological point of view. And if at all this was possible, then a significant change in gene modification would have had to take place which a simple mutation like this wouldn’t be able to create.

In conclusion, there is basically not enough evidence even scientifically for the existence of Alexandria’s genesis. Even with the possibility that there are gene variations that can bring about the purple eye. Scientifically, this Alexandria’s genesis myth is not at all possible just from a single mutation. On the contrary, it will require the effort of various unrelated genetic factor to bring about this kind of change. In a nut shell, Alexandria’s genesis is not real but rather a figment of people’s imagination.

Twitter Trades in the Stock Market

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’ve probably heard about Twitter becoming a public company with stocks available to buy and sell on the open market. Financial analysts and insiders have been eagerly awaiting this event, as Twitter is currently one of the most popular social media outlets on the web. However, popularity aside, the question is whether Twitter will be able to transition into a profit generating company.

The question of how Twitter will generate revenue is no small matter. In order for its stocks to be valuable, the company must be profitable. But since Twitter is free to users, and to date has not yet shown a profit, those who would buy Twitter stock are taking a big risk.

Twitter originated as a text message service, and then coined the term “micro blog”, as users are limited to 140 characters. As it grew in popularity, users have shifted from tweeting about personal matters (although many still do) to joining in on mass conversations, or trending topics, including news and politics. The use of hashtags on individual tweets ensures that everyone else using that hashtag will see your tweet. Twitter has thus become a useful tool for news organizations to informally poll public opinion. It’s also a great way for politicians and world leaders to share their views. On a smaller scale, Twitter continues to be a tool that many use to keep in touch with friends and family.

Like Facebook and other social media outlets, Twitter intends to generate revenue by selling space on the network to advertisers. But since this is a new use of the network, it remains to be seen how successful this will be. Users are accustomed to Twitter being an ad free space, so Twitter must proceed carefully, or it risks losing users who are annoyed or offended by the new ads. Fewer users would mean that Twitter would have to charge its advertisers less, and narrow its profit margin.

With the question of Twitter’s potential profitability unanswered, there has been much speculation as to what the share price of its stock will be on its opening day. Twitter’s owners are hoping to sell shares at the highest price possible, earning money that they can reinvest into the company and becoming millionaires in the process. Traders, of course, are hoping to buy low and sell high. Only time will tell if Twitter fulfills its promise of profits for its shareholders.

As of 1:00PM Eastern, November 8, 2013, Twitter opened on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with a share price of 45.93 USD. The share price quickly spiked to 46.94 USD as demand surged, but then rapidly decreased, settling in the 42 to 44 USD range. News sources state that the high demand for shares has made this a very successful opening day for Twitter’s owners, netting them millions if not billions of dollars.

Although they’ve seen a successful opening day, Twitter �s shareholders now hope to see stock prices remain steady or rise. Famously, Facebook went public earlier this year and share prices dropped dramatically and quickly. Twitter certainly hopes to avoid this in the coming days. Insiders say that they are confident that Twitter has done the research and is poised to prove its value.