Time Travel – Bringing Back The Past

Never you travel to the past, unless you are going there to “correct” an error you made.

Why change it at all? Maybe we are who we are because of all those mistakes we made. Come to think of it. On a general scale, black Americans are better off than their African “brothers”. Thanks to the mistakes their forefathers made by selling them out into slavery.

Where am I driving at? Regret and lamentation.

Why spend all the time weeping for mistakes in the past instead of working hard to prevent them and move into a better future?

Normally, we are humans and there are certain feelings that are difficult to hide or control. Whenever I did something wrong, I ended up crying for a very long time, often across days. This results in me not being have to proceed normally with my daily act8ivties and i end up leaving many things undone. When you don’t do A, B that depends on A remains stagnant, So does C, D, E… It is a whole chain reaction and the consequences may even be more than what keeps me regretting and crying.

Sometimes, the mistakes we make are so foolish that we can’t even justify them. Can you imagine that despite all the love my Fiance has for me, I one day accused him of going out with a girl he with very friendly and too close to? He called me and informed me that she is his friend and always keeping him company and all of a sudden I became angry and over reacted. How could I ever justify that? I kept it in my mind and it troubled me for a very long time. Thank God he knew just what to do to let me out of it.

I learned that the very first step to take to make our mind free of gults of our past is to forgive ourselves. He made me talk to myself, saying “I won’t worry much about it again because that was yesterday. Today, I am not only one day older but also wiser and more responsible. I will not repeat that same mistake today, talk less of tomorrow.

Have you ever realized that it is easier for someone to forgive than for you to forgive yourself? How many times have you heard yourself saying “I will never forgive myself for this”? Many, I guess, unless you are someone who really doesn’t care about mistakes.

Yesterday made us who we are today. We can’t leave it behind, though it has passed generic viagra. We must always reflect on yesterday as a blessing and use all of our experiences, positive and negative, to fend for a better tomorrow.

Always strive to be happy!

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