How to keep a healthy body and great skin while in school

When we are very busy, we tend to neglect our skin care and our body.

Skin care routine is important to the health and beautiful appearance. The skin is the largest organ in our body is a mirror that reflects the state of our health and therefore have to nurture it and protect it.

In the summer we prefer easy care products and airy than water-based, as opposed to the winter, which will add rich products and therapeutic rehabilitation and revival of the skin.

Our skin is classified according to the level of water and fat which, in certain sensibilities and status at a given moment. In general, the lighter skin is more sensitive to climate change and therefore generally fair skin and sun burns more prone to losing moisture and react to environmental changes,
Therefore it is important to also refer to adapting skin tone care products.

Skin and appearance affected their health status, climate, medications and mental state.
At certain times it may change drastically, comment sensitivities, peel or suddenly dry up – because of external influences (climate) or because of internal influences (stress, diet or pregnancy).

The skin has its own defense mechanisms and it “knows” produce little moisture, but recommended, to keep treated with care needs and according to season.
All skin needs cleansing, moisturizing and protection – these are the most basic needs of daily cultivation. Moreover, there are products that we add the weekly beauty routine perfect treatment, such as masks, peels home etc.

Morning – cleaning face skin with soap (adapted skin), moisture and sunscreen (SPF level of 15 or higher).
We treat the eye area and will adjust them individually cleanser and moisturizing eye (gel or cream).

Evening – we clean the skin makeup and dirt that has accumulated on it with soap or foam cleaning those preferring water, milk and skin or dry skin and more delicate and we will complete our care cream.

Dry skin is recommended to use a night cream nourishes and let it be absorbed at least half an hour before going to bed. A

To refresh the skin and remove dead cells accumulate, you may want to add once or twice a week exfoliation and a mask, that they will be adjusted individually according to the specific need.
Always use an electric razor – it is much better to the skin that the manual one.

There are beauty products adapted to different needs, such as moisturizing, clarifying the spots, firming and treatment loosely and more, and they are many and varied and recommended treatment more focused, but the foundation of cleaning, moisturizing and protection is the “alphabet” of a routine that important everyday.

Makeup always placed last on the skin and Moisturizers & cleaning.

There are moisturizing products with protection and there are bases (Makeup) with protection.
Today there are various makeup products and adapt them to the situation in terms of coverage and skin texture.

Oily, we always use oil-free products (oil free) are water based and give a sense and a light matte rather than exacerbate the accumulation of fat procurer du viagra.

We will use products for dry skin and thick rich more, who maintain skin’s moisture reservoir and usually contain ingredients that provide “Lifting” and Zohar and do not emphasize wrinkles and dryness.

In the summer should drink lots of water and avoid prolonged sun exposure and renew applying sunscreen at the beach during their stay in every 2-3 hours for maximum protection.

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