Hello World, Baby Noela Is Here!

Reading and writing is my passion, but I have always been skeptical about blogging. Though I have been crawling the blogosphere and reading stuff that interest me, I never really wanted to get involved. As much as I can remember, it is only once that I have ever commented on a post in Sangeeta’s Blog.

My passion for reading and writing has gradually transformed into blogging. On June 12, 2008, I told Uncle Che “Ok babe, now I will like to start blogging”. He laughed, looked at me into the eyes and asked “Since when did you make up your mind to blog”? The truth of the matter is, I have always sat by him when he writes posts, reads and comments on blogs, and sends messages to his friends on various social networks. I came to know I was missing something, so I decided it was high time he stopped cheating me.

That day, when Uncle Che saw the expression on my face, he understood I wasn’t in for any joke, so he quickly signed in into his NameCheap account and asked what domain name he should buy for me. It was like magic, I said myblogsays.com and it was available. He didn’t want to put up an argument against this dumb domain name I chose but today, he didn’t hessitate rejecting the theme I am using now viagra generique en pharmacie. All along, he has been doing some stuff with this domain name just to keep it busy while I prepare my mind to kick off with the first post.

Now comes the million dollar question he asked me. What do you intend blogging about? He thought I wanted to go professional and blog about things related to my fields of study (Accounting at IMFA, Buea and Management at the University of UB), but I told him I prefer familiarising myself with the blogosphere first before putting up blogs of that nature. Right now, I just want to be part of blogosphere, reading posts, sharing my views with others, keeping a personal diary.

How do I intend running this blog?

Honestly, I don’t know. Ha ha ha. I just you must be saying “this girl is dump”. Well, if you think so, then that will be a good reason for always checking this blog out.

I will be mixing up my personal life with many things you won’t be able to imagine. Yes!

The very “first post” will be coming up by the end of the day.

Thanks very much,

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