Good News! Admitted For Masters Degree Program

If you say you know how I feel, I won’t argue because I know at least once in your life, you have been granted something you applied for and I bet you were happy, obviously achat viagra online.

When I completed my first degree in management, university of Buea, my elder brother and sponsor was very reluctant about paying for my education, complaining that the quality of education in Cameroon, especially at higher levels is poor due to lack of well-trained lecturers. That is true, but I have a philosophy “Never let the system hold you down because there exists no system that can’t be beaten. If you don’t have an alternative, then you must beat the imperfect system and make it perfect for you”.

My elder brother then proposed that I should seek admission with any foreign university and he will pay the fees for me to do a masters program in any field of my choice. I applied for an MBA in New Mexico Highlands University in New Mexico, US but they replied that I should apply for BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration) because though my Academic records were good (top of the class with 3.2/4 GPA), my working experiences was too limited. I was then granted admission for the BBA but the American embassy in Cameroon refused giving me a visa, complaining that I didn’t present enough proof that I will return to my home country after completion of studies (refusal is but normal here, and excuses never run out).

I felt miserable, but didn’t lose hope. I considered taking a professional course in Accounting (ACCA) while waiting for the University of Buea to draw up a masters degree program related to my field of studies. Thank God they did so earlier than they had promised. About three months ago, they announced they have come up with a Masters Program in Management. This is the only Anglo-Saxon University in the whole country, so everything there is very competitive. They announced that they had limited resources and so needed just 10 students for the Masters Program in Management

I had a very good academic standing during my graduate studies, so the limit of 10 didn’t scare me. What scared me was the fact that I haven’t worked yet in a very renowned institution that could lay some weight on my working experience. I took the courage and submitted my application.

at about 10:00AM this morning, guess what. I received a call from Uncle Che telling me I made it. He is too funny and like jokes, but I knew this was too expensive to be a joke. “Can you repeat what you said, babe”? “You were admitted”, he said. “Please be serious”, I could not believe it. He replied “You were admitted for the Masters Program in Management. Out of the 350 that applied, only 10 were chosen and you are number 7 on the list”. I almost collapsed.

I will like to thank Uncle Che very much for this. Without him, I couldn’t have taken such a bold step. He is saving money for his education, saving money for our wedding, paying my fees for the ACCA program, and now he will be paying for my Masters Program too. What am I without him? What more can I expect from the man I love?

I hope you don’t mind me calling him Uncle Che. His friends gave him that name out of respect. Not that he is ver big and important, but because he presents himself low, respects and cares about everyone he knows. He is more than love, to me.

September, I will be back to school for both ACCA and Masters. What a schedule?My ACCA exam results for this session will be out on august 18. I don’t doubt my success (too confident :D ). After this program, I will be looking forward to an MBA, which my heart yearns for.

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