Back To School 2016 Rush

Most Africa countries share the same school schedule. I can bet that the back to school rush is the greatest topic at the moment. This is the time when very parent goes into savings to see what s in stock for students as the return to school in late August, early September or early November depending on the level of education.

Here in Cameroon, it is hotter this year than I ever expected.  The G.C.E results were released last month. You can still scent rejoices and lamentations in the air for people who made it and those who didn’t respectively.  Making it or not, those students are bound to get on their feet and prepared for the next academic year.

It seems parents are the ones doing most of the preparations. They have to look for admission and accommodation for their children, and make sure the savings are enough for books, fees and other necessities. This is the time that adverts rock the TV. Various brands go on air to advertise what they offer, usually cheaper, for this back to school period.

Alongside the G viagra lilly.C.E results were results of most universities here. The University of Buea, for example, released examination results a few days before the G.C.E results. The results determined which students will be graduating in December, which will be coming back.

What actually interests me in all these is the ACCA Qualification exam results released on the 18th as promised. Due to certain circumstances, I could not sit for three papers as I planned, but I am happy that I could pass the two I sat for with flying colors. I had 80% in F2 and 70% in F3.

Many ACCA students here are in a rush to prepare for the next session. Uncle Che couldn’t believe me when I asked him to register 3 papers for me. He thought with my masters program which will be starting soon, I might consider reducing the load. I think I will be sitting for F4, F5 and F6.