Back To School 2016 Rush

Most Africa countries share the same school schedule. I can bet that the back to school rush is the greatest topic at the moment. This is the time when very parent goes into savings to see what s in stock for students as the return to school in late August, early September or early November depending on the level of education.

Here in Cameroon, it is hotter this year than I ever expected.  The G.C.E results were released last month. You can still scent rejoices and lamentations in the air for people who made it and those who didn’t respectively.  Making it or not, those students are bound to get on their feet and prepared for the next academic year.

It seems parents are the ones doing most of the preparations. They have to look for admission and accommodation for their children, and make sure the savings are enough for books, fees and other necessities. This is the time that adverts rock the TV. Various brands go on air to advertise what they offer, usually cheaper, for this back to school period.

Alongside the G viagra lilly.C.E results were results of most universities here. The University of Buea, for example, released examination results a few days before the G.C.E results. The results determined which students will be graduating in December, which will be coming back.

What actually interests me in all these is the ACCA Qualification exam results released on the 18th as promised. Due to certain circumstances, I could not sit for three papers as I planned, but I am happy that I could pass the two I sat for with flying colors. I had 80% in F2 and 70% in F3.

Many ACCA students here are in a rush to prepare for the next session. Uncle Che couldn’t believe me when I asked him to register 3 papers for me. He thought with my masters program which will be starting soon, I might consider reducing the load. I think I will be sitting for F4, F5 and F6.

Time Travel – Bringing Back The Past

Never you travel to the past, unless you are going there to “correct” an error you made.

Why change it at all? Maybe we are who we are because of all those mistakes we made. Come to think of it. On a general scale, black Americans are better off than their African “brothers”. Thanks to the mistakes their forefathers made by selling them out into slavery.

Where am I driving at? Regret and lamentation.

Why spend all the time weeping for mistakes in the past instead of working hard to prevent them and move into a better future?

Normally, we are humans and there are certain feelings that are difficult to hide or control. Whenever I did something wrong, I ended up crying for a very long time, often across days. This results in me not being have to proceed normally with my daily act8ivties and i end up leaving many things undone. When you don’t do A, B that depends on A remains stagnant, So does C, D, E… It is a whole chain reaction and the consequences may even be more than what keeps me regretting and crying.

Sometimes, the mistakes we make are so foolish that we can’t even justify them. Can you imagine that despite all the love my Fiance has for me, I one day accused him of going out with a girl he with very friendly and too close to? He called me and informed me that she is his friend and always keeping him company and all of a sudden I became angry and over reacted. How could I ever justify that? I kept it in my mind and it troubled me for a very long time. Thank God he knew just what to do to let me out of it.

I learned that the very first step to take to make our mind free of gults of our past is to forgive ourselves. He made me talk to myself, saying “I won’t worry much about it again because that was yesterday. Today, I am not only one day older but also wiser and more responsible. I will not repeat that same mistake today, talk less of tomorrow.

Have you ever realized that it is easier for someone to forgive than for you to forgive yourself? How many times have you heard yourself saying “I will never forgive myself for this”? Many, I guess, unless you are someone who really doesn’t care about mistakes.

Yesterday made us who we are today. We can’t leave it behind, though it has passed generic viagra. We must always reflect on yesterday as a blessing and use all of our experiences, positive and negative, to fend for a better tomorrow.

Always strive to be happy!

Better Than Romeo And Juliet

I don’t know. I am not too much into literature. I was always a science techy, mad in the Maths, physics and chemistry until at one point, I thought counting and keeping money will be good. Not just that, but I could back it up with the Maths.

Oh, back to the post. I don’t know much about literature, but I think Romeo and Juliet, though not so much of a piece, is probably one of the best “romantic tragedies” Shakespeare ever wrote. I have read it at least 30 times, and each time I read, I asked myself…

Should something as good as love come at a bitter cost?Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)?

When two people are in love with each other, they look upon themselves and the entire universe different from how any other person sees it. Because of these contradicting views, it is very easy for the relationship to be disapproved, or for them to be rejected by their close ones. This becomes worse when both parties are different in values. There, I am talking about economic, social, cultural, ethical values…etc, and a lot more you can think of.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The truth about the cross of love is that anyone truly in love will take chances and carry it. It is surprising what people can do when they are in love. They appear to be wiser, fearless and aggressive. The cross is so heavy that some people give up on the way. They struggle and convince their inner selves that their intentions are genuine, but the love sought does not worth all the trouble.

Have you ever been rejected?

Have you ever been rejected by friends and the family of someone you love? What was their reason? That you were not good enough and was not up to the value of your lover? That your lover is not yet ready and that they will be the one to say “when” and “who”? When faced with such a situation, you are considered an enemy by his/her friends and relations. You are being held responsible for any negative change in his/her character. They may hate you so much that at times, they won’t want to see you or answer any greetings from you. I have heard of, and observed terrible situations like this.

I was lucky, my case was different!

After dating Uncle Che for about three months, it became obvious to each of us (though no one spoke about it to the other) that we were meant for each other and will be spending the rest of our lives together. I thought it wise that both of us should get acquainted to our various families. That was his idea too, but he was trying to take it slower than I was. We were living about 300 miles away, he in Buea while I was in our hometown, Bamenda. I got tired waiting for him to get his leave from his job acheter viagra maroc.

I know you will say I was nuts, but maybe I was just in love. I took a bold step to go to his family and introduced myself. Lucky enough, he has been saying nice things about me and our relationship and told his mum to expect us to come together and visit them.
I was scared, let me admit it. He has always told me his mum is very welcoming but I didn’t want to rely on that.

I didn’t believe what I experienced. It was so sweet that I don’t know how to put it. Uncle Che’s mum was very happy when I told her I was a friend. His kid brothers and sisters sat very close to me, and the younger ones were excited sitting and leaning on my labs. After about an hour of friendly discussions, I opened up to his mum and told her that I was Uncle Che’s date. Imagine! She jumped up, held me close to her chest and always lifted me up. Two of his kid sisters who understood what I meant came up to me, shook hands again as if it was the first time they were seeing me. “Oh My! Che finally decided to love an angel?” Those were the words that came out from her mouth.

I was gladly received, and loved. I am still wanted and loved up to this date. I think they even love me more than they love Uncle Che. It feels good being accepted by the relations of the one you love.

What do you think? What is your situation?

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Titre : Logan
Réalisé : James Mangold.
Libéré : 2017-02-28
Language : English,Espanol
Durée : 135 min.
Genre : Action, Drama, Science Fiction.
Le synopsis :

Les critiques élogieuses parues au cours des jours précédant la sortie en salles de Logan nous laissaient croire que le nouveau X-Men était un chef d'oeuvre du septième art. C'est avec excitation et quelques doutes en poche que nous sommes allés confirmer les dithyrambes. À la fois surpris et ravis, nous n'avons pu que constater que l'authenticité des glorifications de la presse : Logan est le meilleur film de la franchise et certainement l'un des meilleurs films de superhéros des dix dernières années.

C'est une panoplie de raisons qui justifient le succès de cette production : une réalisation sensible, une direction photo spectaculaire, des combats efficaces, des acteurs compétents, un scénario agile et une sensibilité ubiquiste et transcendante. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

D'abord, Hugh Jackman. Le comédien (qui avait mentionné, il y a de cela quelques années, que le film Logan serait sa dernière apparition au cinéma dans le rôle de Wolverine) livre une performance spectaculaire. Son personnage, à la fois fragile, tourmenté et épuisé, est bien loin de la caricature ou d'un pastiche de ses propres interprétations passées. Le Wolverine dépeint dans Logan en est un grincheux, irritable, colérique et peu compatissant, mais il s'avère pourtant excessivement attachant. La petite Dafne Keen, qui incarne la mutante Laura, arrive à passer l'émotion sans avoir besoin d'employer des mots (parce qu'on ne peut pas dire qu'elle n'a pas beaucoup de répliques…) On comprend la souffrance de l'enfant sans qu'elle ait besoin de l'exprimer.

Patrick Stewart est également extraordinaire sous les traits d'un Professeur X vieillissant et sénile. L'équipe de maquillage mérite ici des éloges parce que l'acteur paraît avoir les 90 ans qu'on lui a conférés. La relation entre Wolverine et son vieil ami en est une très touchante. Bien que Logan n'ait pas la force psychologique pour se battre contre ses démons, il protège Charles comme un père. De ce duo atypique se dégagent aussi des pointes d'humour fabuleuses qui rendent l'ensemble un peu moins lourd.

Parce que, avouons-le, Logan est un film noir, lent et poignant où la violence est explicite (les têtes coupées tombent à un rythme effarant) et les drames douloureux. Cet aspect très sombre de l'oeuvre se révèle par contre être l'une de ses forces premières. Jamais on n'avait risqué auparavant une lourdeur de cette amplitude avec l'univers des X-Men. Il y a eu la franchise The Dark Knight de Christopher Nolan qui a osé apposer une touche de noir au monde de la bande dessinée, mais personne n'avait encore tenté l'expérience sur les mutants du Professeur X. Le résultat est plus que concluant! Les scénaristes ont même décidé de faire des liens directs avec les bandes dessinées originales en faisant d'un comic book un élément crucial dans l'intrigue.

Tant au niveau des effets spéciaux que des chorégraphies des combats, du montage sonore et de la réalisation, à la fois nerveuse et campée, Logan se distingue dans la cinématographie américaine, habituée à un carcan plus sage. Logan marquera les esprits d'une façon qu'aucun autre film des X-Men ne l'a fait auparavant. Le film plaira certainement aux irréductibles fans des bandes dessinées qui attendent depuis longtemps un long métrage aussi audacieux…

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Director : Peter Berg.
Producer : Stephen Levinson, Hutch Parker, Michael Radutzky, Dorothy Aufiero, Dylan Clark, Mark Wahlberg, Scott Stuber.
Release : December 21, 2016
Country : United States of America.
Production Company : CBS Films, Closest to the Hole Productions.
Language : العربية, English, 普通话.
Runtime : 133 min.
Genre : Drama, History, Thriller.

Movie ‘Patriots Day’ was released in December 21, 2016 in genre Drama. Peter Berg was directed this movie and starring by Mark Wahlberg. This movie tell story about An account of Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis’s actions in the events leading up to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists behind it.

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